Maxity Symbiotic Metaverse

Metaverses have no limitations, they can be in whatever shapes as one would like. However, the majority of metaverses are being restricted to revolve around the gaming industry, with nobody directing metaverse - a virtual world full of capabilities, to resolve evident issues in the real world. Hence, Maxity is building the Symbiotic Metaverse.

Symbiotic Metaverse is composed of 7 continents (just like the real world), which is then made up of 100,000 Virtual Lands. It is an evolutionary innovation focusing on establishing a virtual community that connects all humanity, to urge mankind to grow, advance, solve problems, co-evolve, share knowledge, goals and decisions that matter. Maxity realises it is implausible to create a fair and just society when only the riches are in the Symbiotic Metaverse, which is why, in order to allow everyone to join the metaverse, Maxity has proposed a Volunteer and Reward model (V2R). This enables low-income people to earn hardware equipment to enter this virtual world.

In the Symbiotic Metaverse, all hardships faced by all living creatures, environment, society etc, even at the edge of the world, will be remedied by charitable tasks. Income, race, religion, gender, organisation inequality will no longer occur in this parallel universe. It is a metaverse where mankind, flora and fauna, and the environment live in genuine freedom and solidarity with each other, with the goal of achieving Cosmic Harmony.

5.1 Functions of the Symbiotic Metaverse

A metaverse has the six key elements as below:

The Symbiotic Metaverse includes the following functions:

5.1.1 E-commerce

NFTs and digital assets in the metaverse will be traded on Maxity NFT Marketplace;

5.1.2 NFTs/Digital assets Avatar NFTs

An Avatar represents a participant or a volunteer, these NFTs will be created by artists from the Artists Dao. Purchasing Avatars will allow users all over the world to enter the Symbiotic Metaverse and participate in various events. These superheroes will be on a mission to save the earth and humanity through immersing themselves in charitable tasks, to accomplish the goal of a sustainable future for mankind. An avatar possesses certain specifications and formats and comes with a default set of animations such as walking, running, jumping or fighting. Specifically, the avatar will be modifiable piece by piece (helmet, arms, torso, legs, etc.) by equipping it with different compatible asset tokens. Virtual Lands

  • The Symbiotic metaverse Tier 1 will contain 7 continents with 100 thousand virtual lands, the capacity is fixed;

  • Landowners can create buildings, scenes, artworks, challenges etc on their lands;

  • Create billboards for advertising or design a headquarter to display NFTs;

  • Free to build or rent out lands for any kind of events or social activities;

  • Buy and sell Land, Avatar wearables and tools on NFT Marketplace, backed by the eco-friendly blockchain;

  • Being in a “premium neighbourhood” or close to landmark locations should influence the value of lands;

  • Charities with 100 NFTs sales are eligible for free mint;

  • Charities can own lands and utilise them for their works at their own discretion. Lands will have different values according to their locations within the metaverse, and their easy access to resources;

5.1.3 CryptoCurrencies

MAX coin is an essential part of The Symbiotic Metaverse and Maxity is working on establishing key mechanics that makes it intrinsically tied to the Symbiotic Metaverse and its value. MAX coin is an ERC-20 utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain that serves as the basis for transactions within The Symbiotic Metaverse.

Under the Volunteer and Reward model,there will be the two token models named MAX “governance” token and their MAXI V&R token. MAX is a fixed supply token that is meant to accrue value over time with its digital scarcity, while the total supply of MAXI is infinite which can be minted and burned as needed to balance out the game.

5.1.4 Working & Gaming Charitable Tasks

  • For charities and NGOs, creating an emotional reaction and personal connection in an ethical manner that will encourage donations is one the biggest challenges for any charity campaign;

  • Charitable organisations in the Symbiotic Metaverse are allowed to hold volunteer events globally;

  • The topics of charitable tasks can be about wildlife or environment protection, blood donation, clothing or money donation, education support; Volunteer and Reward (V&R)

  • Volunteer and Reward (V&R) is a scheme that incentivises charity volunteers to join the metaverse and work in it for the charity;

  • Volunteers worldwide will be claiming charitable tasks, with each completion comes with MAXI token rewards on Symbiotic Metaverse;

  • MAXI token is available to exchange metaverse devices, purchase charity NFTs to donate to charities and tradeable on crypto exchanges;

  • Virtual lands utility upgrades, building constructions, maintenances and upgrades will exhaust and stabilise MAXI token;

  • All the utilities, buildings, lands come in the form of NFTs, which are tradeable on Maxity NFT marketplace;

5.1.5 SocialFi

  • In the metaverse, A nascent trend named “Social Verse” comes from active virtual social activities. Everyone can create an avatar, based on personal interests or recommendations to experience immersive virtual social events;

  • Under the Volunteer-to-Earn model, like-minded individuals can build social connections through communicating about the same activities;

  • Empowering creativity by making creators the ultimate beneficiaries for all knowledge, opinions, contents, disregard of their formats (pictures, articles, videos etc) shared on Social Verse;

  • Decentralised technology allows social communities to enjoy complete liberty on Social Verse, which eventually will normalise the concept of DAO;

5.1.6 Metaverse Technical Stack

Maxity team and the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Metaverse and Web 3.0, will work with top universities to develop the core technologies above.

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