I have received an NFT transfer confirmation email, but I can’t see my NFT in my wallet

When you navigate to Maxity.io and connect to the platform with your wallet, you will see your NFT under 'account'. Usually, buyers view their NFTs on the platform they bought them, or on other NFT platforms that show NFTs of the same blockchain (in Maxity’s case, Polygon), rather than in their wallets.

Whether or not you can see the NFT in your specific wallet depends on which wallet you are using, which blockchain your NFT is on, whether you are using a smartphone or a laptop, and what kind of smartphone and browser you are using. The function of a digital wallet is that of a key, rather than a place where items are stored.

Maxity recommends using the MetaMask wallet because it is supported, recognised and deemed to be safe. Not all wallets are equally secure. MetaMask supports Etherum and Polygon differently, and Maxity’s NFTs are on the Polygon blockchain because it is deemed to be the eco-friendly blockchain.

MetaMask does not support viewing NFTs on the Polygon blockchain in your wallet on mobile, but if you login to MetaMask on your laptop, navigate to https://portfolio.metamask.io/ and click NFTs (make sure Polygon is selected), you can view your NFT there.

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