MAX Token and Maxity DeFi platform

Maxity has launched a dual-network token on Polygon and Ethereum Chain, called MAX. The purpose of the token is to allow charities, donors, volunteers, and investors to benefit from Maxity’s work

The total supply of MAX is limited to 1,000,000,000 tokens.

6.1 Emission schedule and allocation

Tokens will be minted on a schedule over the period 2022 to 2026:

As shown in the table, tokens will be allocated for the following purposes:

  • Ecosystem (20%): this amount is reserved for development of the Maxity ecosystem. It may be given as rewards or grants to developers in the Maxity community.

  • Stake & trade rewards (15%): this amount is reserved for paying interest on the Maxity DeFi platform. The platform allows investors to stake MAX for predefined fixed periods, and receive MAX interest payments from this fund.

  • Charities, and Charity DAO, Artists DAO and Influencers DAO (15%): these tokens are reserved for allocating to charities and the various DAOs.

  • Team (15%): Reserved for strategic rewards to the Maxity team.

  • Marketing & partnerships (10%): To publicise Maxity and to create a Maxity community, we will airdrop tokens to strategically-chosen addresses.

  • Treasury (10%): This amount is onchain managed funds of Maxity. The function of the treasury is to create the needed runway as opportunities arise. This is slated for realising partnerships, community grants, developer rewards, operating capital, market making, exchange listings, strategic investment and anything that will best ensure the long-term benefit of the project. A portion of these tokens will function as a liquidity allocation which likely represents our nearest-term allocation.

  • Investor (10%): this amount is reserved for VC investors.

  • Strategic sales (3.5%): this amount is reserved for individual investors who can bring strategic resources.

  • Liquidity management (1.5%): Reserved for market making on partner exchanges.

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