Fee structure on royalties

The Maxity NFT platform allows charities to earn “royalties” when its NFTs are sold on the secondary market.

Royalty basic configurations

  1. The 2% service fee will apply to all sales, both primary and secondary.

  2. The NGO receives 98% of the sale amount for primary sale.

  3. For future sales, NGO will receive rewards of up to 10%, depending on the proportion of setting. The remaining percentage belongs to the seller. 3.1. The rewards earning will directly send to NGO’s wallet which is whitelisted 3.2. If an NGO transfers NFT by themselves, it will not be included in the reward plan 3.3 When this NFT is resold again, both the NGO and seller can get the reward

NFTs designed by designers

  1. For primary sale, designers get 8% royalties and NGOs get 90% royalties on the sale amount.

  2. For future sales, the designer will be given 20% resale royalties. This 20% is funded from the resale royalty set by the NGO.

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