V.2.0.4 Added PayPal donation on public profile Added search on charity page Added image cache for better performance Added donation on charity card Added fundraising complaints and donation policies Added account activation page Added donation sharing Added donate history table under donations tab Added donation withdrawal Added donation settings under account Optimized landing page content Fixed verification information submission bug Fixed secondary search on charity card number bug Fixed bug on Android when wallet not connected Fixed mobile layout, responsivenes bug Fixed collection cover image bug Updated pay with card button Updated NFT and image upload size limits Updated airdrop banner and modal Updated charity card layout Updated partners logos V.2.0.3 Added new modal for selecting minting type Added collection cards on profile page Added collection list on charity page Added public page for collection Added notification mark on profile page Added profile tab tooltips Added link to collection on token page Added ability to save unfinished collections to drafts Added ability to change collection card image Added notification bar on rejected collections Added tab for collections "in progress" Added ability to view or edit current collections Added ability to mint up to 10 NFT tokens in one transaction Added floor price on collection page and card Added recommendation list on token page Optimized site suggested fees Optimized token, charity page, and collection social sharing functions Fixed verification information modal Fixed smaller than 1 Matic price bug when listing tokens Fixed royalty fee and price, negative number bug Fixed owner address on token page Fixed fee redistribution when token listed on the secondary market Fixed bug where users unable to login after verification Updated public profile UI layout Updated mobile layout Updated settings page layout and navigation Updated minting progress modal layout Updated profile banner and logo upload modal Updated rearranged profile tabs for better experience
V.2.0.2 Added tab for Primary market, Secondary market, Unlisted items Added ability to load more tokens on the charity page Added clearer instructions with steps during minting Added profile Settings Fixed item activity logic and wording Fixed charity tokens displayed Fixed long token names not displayed correctly on token card bug Fixed resale on secondary market bug Fixed navigation to charity page from NFT token bug Fixed unable to buy with card when token on the secondary market Updated version 1 navigation and links Updated description when wrong wallet tries to mint tokens
V.2.0.1 Added a new tab to migrate NFTs from v1 to v2 Added a new method to login to v2 with the newly generated password Added additional password confirmation during password change Added ability to see initially listed tokens Optimized charity ranking page Optimized balance changes Fixed migration without connected wallet error Fixed whitelisting issue when minting Fixed charity page navigation Fixed asset claim footer Fixed layout for v2 mobile version Fixed email confirmation bug Updated v1 links
V.2.0.0 Added Pay with card option Added ability to purchase NFT without wallet address Added new contract for each charity when minting tokens Added ability to mint + list tokens on the marketplace Added royalty on individual token model Added ability to reward designer Added ability to select a category when minting tokens Added ability to select ambassador during charity verification process Added assets-claim page for NFT collection Added additional cryptocurrency option when the token is purchased with card (wMatic) Added button to connect Maxity 2.0 platform via landing page Added email notification for “buy with card” feature Optimized token loading storage and speed Optimized charity profile and charity card loading speed Optimized platform performance Optimized media and API retrieving methods Fixed data sync issue when the browser is closed during blockchain operation Fixed bug where charity Name is not captured during verification Updated charity card layout and navigation Updated authentication and authorization mechanism Updated footer links Updated sharing links and previews for social media Redeployed and verified new smart contracts V.1.0.6 Added updated roadmap Added 'Show My NFTs' button on the wallet menu Added default account banner Added Ambassador link on navbar Added Ambassador menu link on mobile menu Optimized story images for mobile and desktop Optimized charity card loading speed Optimized the latest listed NFTs ranking Optimized UI and styling on mobile Fixed wording and spelling mistakes Fixed upcoming NFTs displaying now shows only non-listed tokens Fixed unable to delist token bug Fixed mobile menu size on app Fixed Instagram and Twitter link bugs Fixed playback controlls bug on the individual token page Fixed insufficient funds modal on mobile not being triggered bug Updated latest NFTs on mobile carousel and scrolling Updated NFT card layout on account page
V.1.0.5 Added ability to display videos on (Latest) NFTs Added video controls and sound for video NFTs Optimized notifications for wrong credentials, file size, telegram input Optimized latest listed NFT ranking Optimized "Listed" Initial Listing" and "Minted" tabs Optimized description and notifications on logo upload modal Fixed header upload modal bug Fixed price being out of range bug Fixed suggested gas out of range price Fixed automatic popup on Android devices Fixed ability to close modal during transaction Fixed profile input fields being trimmed bug Fixed .gif files not able to play bug Fixed video unable to play on token listed modal Updated messages when wallet transaction is pending Updated team member content
V.1.0.4 Added charity list sorting by most NFTs listed Added random NFT displaying mode Added number of listed items on charity card Added content changes on the description page Added minted, primary sale, listed tabs on public charity page Added metamask deeplinks to open application in-app on mobile Added new purchase modal when wallet not detected Added hint about gas prices with the total price Added hotJar analytics Optimized image loading speed Optimized automatic wallet connection if wallet is installed Optimized ability to fetch item activity on click Fixed multiple data fetch on token page bug Fixed ambassadors page content Fixed ability to close modal when action required by wallet Fixed ability to buy when wallet is not detected Fixed chain ID detection on mobile Fixed facebook long link bug Fixed banner size bug Fixed email not captured bug during verification Fixed first-time wallet APPROVE transaction fee bug Updated subscription form and content Updated placeholders on profile inputs with more precise information Updated banner and NFT upload modals, recommended optimal size is displayed
V.1.0.3 Added Royalty display on NFT page Added Ambassadors page Added Ambassadors banner Added Item Activity Added number of Items on charity card Added price in Matic and USD on charity profile page Optimized footer for ambassador navigation Optimized faster NFT loading from blockchain Fixed number overflow on Item Activity Fixed ambassador card on mobile Fixed Gif, Webp file support
Fixed sorting by price bug Fixed number overflow on price, sell modals bug Fixed verification submission on cross browsers bug Fixed deposit funds from Moonpay bug Fixed navigation to Polygon (Matic) native token on Moonpay bug Fixed send email from public profile page bug Added gasTracker, gas fees suggested based on current chain fees Added verification reminder after login Added image resizer for banner and logo Added edit cover button Added messages regarding the verification form Added description for users who fail to change password Added insufficient funds function Optimized charity sorting algorithm V.1.0.1
Fixed number of items on explore page Fixed sorting by category Fixed sorting by Latest, Oldest Fixed bug sell modal not closing after transaction canceled Fixed charity logo social preview size Fixed Sell, Delist button displaying on the token page Fixed charity name character input Added NFT token price displayed in USD Added platform suggested gas fee model Added search by NGO name Added social previews for Twitter, Telegram Added Items loaded automatically on scroll Added spinner component for delisting item Added version control and changelog tracking Optimized My NFT listed and My NFT collected speed
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